The Rainforest Center

in Darmstadt Germany



Wildlife and Forest Guardians Program


The Wildllife and Forest Guardians Program is the essence of our work in community-based conservation and a possible target of our work with local communities. Not all communities are ready for our Guardians program. Sometimes it is first necessary to secure land rights and cultural identity, to strengthen one`s knowledge of traditional forms of resource use or to improve the living conditions in the communities before the training of "Wildlife and Forest Guardians" can begin. Only after Once these steps have been taken to the satisfaction of the community, the actual training program begins. Our training program is aimed at local communities in forest regions, especially in countries of the Global South and some other forest regions. The aim is to support communities setting up forest and species protection projects, to train them and acquire financial resources for implementation.

The program is essentially divided into four interconnected units:

1. Biotope protection and renaturation

2. Non-invasive wildlife monitoring with traditional methods like tracking and modern technologies like camera traps or drones

3. Anti-poaching Measures

4. Financial added value for the community, for example through ecological tourism or through funding from external sources