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The Elephant Workshop

We are planning a documentary about indigenous conservation (community based conservation) in Kenya. Through our work in Kenya, we have gotten to know a number of very good indigenous nature and elephant conservation projects and would like to make these and other indigenous projects known in Germany and other countries in the global north in order to enable them to receive better support.


Community based Conservation - what does that mean? It's grassroots conservation! People are responsible for protecting their environment and preserving their wildlife populations. And people from other countries, such as Germany, support them! This can be a completely new approach to future conservation.


We are launching a crowdfunding fundraising campaign to finance the planned film. As the core of the campaign, we want to build a life-size elephant sculpture that will be auctioned off at the end. But many other actions are also planned to make our fundraising campaign known. Our crowdfunding campaign is called “The Elephant Workshop”.



Elephants are among the most endangered animal species on earth. Around 1900 there were still around 10 million elephants in Africa. Today there are only 400,000. Elephants die for our greed Ivory and increasingly also in Conflicts over land or water. Want with our elephant workshop we make a contribution to elephant protection afford. We build, paint, felt Elephants in order to generate funds for a planned film project about elephant protection together with the local population. In 2024, a life-size elephant will be built together with many people.

Photo: Regenwald-Elefant aus Papmache vor dem Regenwaldzentrum Darmstadt. Foto Archiv Klaus Berger.


   Start of building is in April 2024!


Inspired by the "Elephant Parade", an international art campaign for elephant protection and the auction of a life-size, wooden herd of elephants in London, we decided to start our elephant workshop. The first elephant in our workshop was created in 2020, now elephants will be created in regular events to generate money for elephant protection.

Photo: Elephant-Parade in London




Life-size wooden elephant herd auctioned in London for elephant conservation. Proceeds for the big bull in the herd were around 10,000 euros.

Photo: Elephant Family at Sudeley Castle, England



Flyer Elephant Workshop (German)

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 With our elephant workshop we primarily want to promote projects for the coexistence of people and elephants in African forest regions. First of all, a documentary film on the subject is being prepared and will be financed in part by the construction of our life-sized elephant.

An example of a possible funding project: