The Rainforest Center

in Darmstadt Germany



Welcome to the Rainforest Center in Darmstadt, Germany!


The worldwide destruction of the rainforests is one of the great ecological catastrophes of our time. Rainforests are found not only in the tropics and subtropics, but also in the temperate and even in the boreal climate zones. They are all equally threatened by destruction. The world's greatest biodiversity of both plants and animals can be found in the rainforests. Only a small percentage of these are known, and much less has been explored. More than half of the rainforests have already been destroyed. An area the size of a soccer field every 6 seconds, and has been for many decades.

Many millions of people, often indigenous peoples and local village communities, still live in or are directly dependent on rainforests. They are usually the best forest protectors because their lives are closely linked to the forest.

With our work we are committed to preserving the remaining rainforests, protecting biodiversity and the rights of the local people living there.